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AeroSync Solutions, LLC is dedicated to providing enthusiasts and professionals with access to the most advanced drones in the industry. Founded by Jennifer Waldschmidt, PhD, and Tina Garnanez, DBA candidate, our mission is to enable you to soar to new heights.


Jennifer Waldschmidt, a distinguished expert in the aerospace field with a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, brings her passion for innovation to the forefront. Committed to shaping the future of aerospace, she leads our endeavors with unparalleled expertise.


Tina Garnanez, a Native American entrepreneur and DBA candidate, shares a vision of democratizing aerospace technology. Her insights and commitment to progress drive our mission to empower individuals and industries.


Together, Jennifer and Tina lead AeroSync Solutions with a focus on delivering high-performance drones and exceptional customer experiences. Join us on our journey to revolutionize aerospace technology.



Discover Our Drone Solutions


Elevate Your Aerial Experience

AeroSync Solutions offers a diverse lineup of high-performance drones that cater to various needs and applications. Our curated selection embodies the principles of efficiency, innovation, problem-solving, and coordination.


Explore our offerings

– Commercial Drones: Unlock new possibilities for industries such as agriculture, surveying, and logistics with our range of commercial drone solutions.

– Professional Photography Drones: Elevate your creative pursuits with advanced photography drones that capture stunning aerial visuals like never before.

– Recreational Drones: Experience the thrill of flight with our recreational drones, designed for enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of drones.


Why AeroSync Drones?

– Quality Assurance: Our drones are sourced from reputable manufacturers known for their reliability and performance.

– Expert Guidance: Benefit from our expertise in the drone industry, as we help you choose the right drone for your needs.

– Customer Satisfaction: We’re committed to ensuring your satisfaction, providing ongoing support for your drone journey.

Elevate your aerial experiences with AeroSync Solutions. Explore our range of drones and find the perfect fit for your aspirations.